Fuchsia regia

Dana did this painting in my first level class at Emily Carr University of Art and Design
A dedicated amateur botanist and volunteer at the UBC Botanical Garden, Dana spends as much time as he can learning his craft. You can find out more about Dana and view his work at danacromie.ca

Fritillaria severtzovii

This painting was done this spring under a fair amount of duresse.

Dana has a wonderful collection of delicate plants that don't seem to enjoy being hauled into a warm room to be painted. This plant quickly faded so he had to rely on photographs and colour samples taken while the plant was still fresh. It's very hard to paint this way and Dana did an admirable job under such stressful circumstances. It's hard to fathom what the great plant hunter/painters had to contend with in the 17th century.

Cyclamen pseudoibericum

This cyclamen was so delicate and transparent it almost wasn't there. Dana did a wonderful job of expressing the character of this plant, all legs and wings, like a flock of elegant long-legged birds in a shallow pool. I look forward to seeing what he brings back from his plant-hunting/painting trip to the mountains along the Turkish and Georgian border.