A wonderful page of blooms arranged like an old-fashioned Florilegium.


New Zealand Melon, Passion Fruit and Seed 

Reiko worked hard on these demanding subjects! Despite the challenges of the spiny melon she still managed to portray the protrusions in a convincing 3-dimensional manner.



This is Ellen's second painting and a great leap in ability from her first tentative steps into this new world.

Red Onion

For her third painting Ellen chose to slice open this red onion and revel in its crisp graphic quality. A striking and beautiful piece.


Asparagus and Friends

Katsuko brought some beautiful asparagus to class and started this painting. When she returned the following week it had multiplied and diversified considerably! She was very nervous about the eggplant but I think she even surprised herself with the result.


The elegance of the orchid...