This study page of pumpkins was a real challenge as the green pattern so prominent on the right faded markedly over time as to be almost invisible.
Kiri decided to paint three at a time to learn different approaches to painting this, her first subject in Botanical Illustration.
It's also a good strategy for slowing down and letting things dry between layers.
These three little lanterns make me want to paint pumpkins. Kiri grew these in her own garden.



This is also Kasia's first study started during the October session at Emily Carr. You can see her colour-mapping on the right.
The flower at the centre of the page was her first attempt, which she found too heavy.
After getting a feel for the paint and how to apply it she repeated her bloom on the left with a lighter touch.
Kasia tells me she's going to paint this begonia again over the holidays on her trip home to see her family.