Paperwhite Narcissus

Johanna Dollerson took my drawing and painting classes at ECUAD this year where she produced this lovely detailed study of a paperwhite narcissus. 
Johanna has been drawing since childhood, completed "half a fine arts degree" in her native England before throwing up her hands in frustration as do many who are seeking technical instruction at art school only to be confronted with the vagaries of the conceptual model. 
I'm happy she fled to Canada, however briefly, for the pleasure of having her in my classes.
She is now working to match the strength of her drawing skills with the challenges of painting in watercolour, something entirely new to her.

Helleborus Leaf

Johanna got seduced by the details in this drawing of a Helleborus Leaf, something which tripped her up in the painting. It's one of the many challenges botanical work faces us with... how many details to include, and which ones!