Iris Blossom (detail)

Mary's been working hard on her beloved iris series over the past 3 years.
Some of these works began last Iris season, in 2012, and had to rest until they could be finished this year. 

Iris Blossom

The iris is one of the most challenging flowers to paint due to the bloom's short lifespan, generally lasting all of two days at the outside. Keeping them in the fridge helps... a little.

Iris Bud (detail)

After a few years of practice Mary's iris paintings have greatly improved in their subtlety and sensitivity, as has her knowledge of her subject... she knows which parts to paint first and which parts last longer and can wait. She also knows exactly how much time she has to paint, from start to finish. That's why she does so many drawings the year before. Planning is a very important part of botanical painting.

Iris Bud


Iris Rhizome (detail)

Mary painted this rhizome this year. She dug it up early and kept it in a glass of water while she tried to capture its unique character.

Iris Rhizome

Iris Drawing (detail)

You can review Mary's earlier iris drawings and paintings by clicking on the link in the footer.

Iris Drawing