Corn Flower

These two views of a cornflower were painted together on a single page, the full flower above sits on the left of the page and the dissection below sits on the right side.

This is Susan's first painted dissection, rendered with the clarity and sensitivity that has become a recognizable characteristic of her work.

There were many challenges in this piece and she learned a lot trying to work out the problems, clearing the way for her next painting, set in the same composition and style as this one. 

Red Clover

Clover is such a humble little flower, we don't really see its beauty and the details hidden in its tiny stature.

When the center structure is revealed a whole new appreciation of this sweet-tasting blossom becomes possible, from the sheathes that house the petals to the tubular structure of each individual petal. No wonder the bees spend so much time in teasing out its secrets.

Susan has played honey-bee herself and drawn the best out of this little gem.