Snake Plant

This is Francine's most recent painting  and a departure from the past insofar as she worked very slowly on this one. Usually a fast painter, her steady and careful pace allowed her to capture the finely detailed markings on this plant, and the electric glow of the acid yellow undertone. 

Below is a photo of the piece before it acquired its full colour.


Moving back in time, this is Francine's previous painting. Much looser than the Snake Plant, she has created the strong sense of dimensionality characteristic of all of her works.

Below is a painting she did of a section of the inside of the Squash just before it turned green and, sadly, passed away... 


I've placed the detail of this painting first because it's so delicious!!

A terrific little jewel of a painting... all round and heavy and glowing...

And here's the whole picture, which Francine then had printed and folded to create a beautiful Christmas card, the painting on the front and the drawing on the back.

This pomegranate was Francine's 2nd only botanical watercolour painting.
She is now working on a rather dramatic little carnivorous plant... coming soon!