Apple - jazz

It's been a year since Ena first came to the studio and she hasn't done much painting since then, but these apples confirm my theory that even when we aren't able to do the actual action, something in us is ripening still. Once the brain absorbs the lesson, it paints, with or without the hand.

She painted two version of the same apple, one for each of her children :-))


While the shape may be simple (something Ena is fond of as she likes to get right to the painting!) it's quite difficult to get the shine and subtle modeling of this subject. Not to mention the watery inner life hidden beneath that three-alarm colour. It's hard to see in the photograph but she even managed to depict the fuzzy hairs on the stem.


This first attempt at painting the papery garlic bulb pleased Ena less than the one that followed, though she prefers the roots in this one. 

This version is more delicately painted... the whiteness of the paper casing coming through in all it's subtlety. 

It's been a real pleasure and a wonderful surprise to see the great improvements in Ena's painting despite the long pause. All this work was done over the past 8 weeks!