Mary's iris bloomed again this year, and so did this painting of the two bookend stages of the life cycle.
Mary's painting skills have progressed marvelously these past 12 months, and with her new found love of the #000 brush, so has her ability to render the fine, papery details of this specimen.

This is the beginning of a painting of the emerging flower from the image above.
Iris last about 3 days from start to finish. The morning after painting this bloom the flower was crumpled and on it's way out of this world. I can't wait until next year...


This highly detailed and fully rendered drawing on hot-pressed paper took Mary about 14 weeks of careful work to realize. The result was worth the effort and patience, even if my photo doesn't do it justice. She succeeded in her goal of wanting to show the flowers in all their different angles, creating a wonderful sense of perspective and drama.

Mary Frost was recently accepted into the American Society of Botanical Artists. She was interviewed last week for the September issue of their members' magazine. Congratulations Mary!

Colleague Dana Cromie is also a member of the ASBA. You can view examples of both of their works on the ASBA website, and I'll post the article when it comes out.