Ena's been painting feathers, lots of feathers... and been doing a marvelous job.
They're very hard to photograph and get the tiny, soft details of these down feathers. 
This painting conveys their light airiness very well, both in its handling and composition.

Gull or Pigeon?

The shiny highlight and subtle grey tones of this feather are beautifully conveyed. The split at the top of the feather echoes the down at the base and makes a wonderful point of interest.


Ena lives near a Heron nesting sight and collected a great array of feathers in varying grey and white tones like the pair above and below, both from the same part of the bird but distinct in colour and texture.

It's been great watching Ena paint these feathers. This post feature some of her shades of grey, with some colour to follow in another post. Stay tuned...